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Our Mission


We spent our whole life in "the system", working 6 days a week trying to "make it" as the society teaches us: Have a job, get married, have kids, get more money for all our expenses then get a bigger house and a second house to rest sometime in the weekend, go on holidays because we get tired at work and need to get out of it, etc. etc. You know, "normal life" as we call it!!


One day we looked at each other and asked what is the point of doing of this? What do we get in return? so we start to make a list of what we get back from this lifestyle. 


- perpetual stress 

- overweight

- tired and moody most of the time

- poor sexual life

- close minded with a feeling of getting stuck many time a day

- greedy and jealous of others

- angry and impatient all the time
- addicted to sugar, alcohol, drugs, fast food, TV, etc.

- and many more, the list is long...


We started our journey to clean ourselves and try to get a better life. We became more spiritual to try to understand the purpose and meaning of life. We learned and develop skills to first help and heal ourselves, then be able to share this knowledge and know-how with whoever is interested in.

We are not interested "to make it" anymore, we have discovered much more within ourselves and still have much more to discover.


So here we are now sharing with you many disciples to heal and balance your body and mind.

- Hypnosis

- Past-life regression

- ABET (Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy)

- Reiki massage

- Crystal therapy 

- "Trame" healing

- Yoga retreat 

- Meditation

- and more coming soon

These Therapy are all available for you at Hypnok.






Therapists available at Hypnok


Nissa Phongkongdi

Thai national from Nakhon Sawan (Thailand) living in Bangkok since 1999.

Specialized in stones and crystals, we worked for a jewel exporter located in Bangkok and became company manager before creating her own factory concentrated on handmade jewels. 

In 2013 she starts her healing journey and learned about healing stones and crystals. later on, she became a Reiki practitioner and started to heal around (neighbor and family). This Reiki experience really changed her life and she thought she could do more to help others. With this objective in mind, she learned ABET (Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy) technique that strengthen her power and confidence in helping others. Interested in Yoga, she learned and practice "Kundalini Yoga" to raise the Kundalini energy. 


Edouard Joron
French national from Paris (France) living in Bangkok since 2010.

Specialized in sales and marketing, he created few companies in France and Thailand, especially in the automotive industry.  

In 2013 he starts his healing journey and learned hypnosis to stop many habits he had (food, alcohol, drugs, stress, anger, etc.). He became specialized in past life regression for healing purpose. With the past life regression he experienced, he had few contacts with Ascended Masters and Divines entities that strengthen his knowledge and confirmed his pathway. Interested in Yoga, he became a Reiki practitioner and started to heal around (neighbor and family).

he learned and practice "Hatha Yoga" to raise and control prana energy and "Tantric Yoga" to raise and control sexual energy