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First thing first DO NOT PANIC and enter in fear situation !!

Simple actions will drastically increase your chance to stay healthy


- Wash your hands & sanitize your home regularly
- Ovoid contact with others and things (ex: public door handle)

- Eat healthy food and drink a lot of water

- Practice breathing excercice to reinforce your immune system


Welcome to Hypnok Wellness Center in Hua Hin, Thailand (Huahin).

We are happy to introduce you this website for you to discover many disciplines related to self-healing, wellness and natural therapy like Bio-Energy Treatment (ABET), Reiki, Hypnosis, Meditation, Yoga, Chakra Balancing & Healing. You can come for single daily session or check in for few days during a Retreat to recharge yourself.


Life is made to be enjoyed not to be suffered, develop your awareness with Hypnok!


Hypnok Wellness Center Hua Hin is located at “Baan Khao Tao” just few kilometers south of hua Hin in Thailand. The House is at the center of the village just between the beach and the artificial lake from The King Project. It is a very nice place to recharge yourself, practice some Yoga or enjoy Reiki session.

Master Reiki Nisa & Edouard
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WHat's New

Looking for investor for our new project

We would like to move our Wellness Center to Koh Samui Island in a beautiful resort Called Anna Ressort

We need investors to help us finance our project. We have different plans for different investments. We need 5,000,000 Thb to realise our project. 

Contact us if you like to receive our full business plan for Anna Wellness Resorts

Incredible knowledge from around the World

Metatron, Flower of Life

Even if some of us feel we are separate & different from each other, we have a lot in common. We realize that all around the world some people are dedicated with skills to heal others with natural ways. Sometime healing skills have been forgotten from one place and re-appeared later in another culture.

Today, with an easy access to information it is possible to compare different kinds of healings across the world and we realize that all of them are working with energy. It is time to bring back this ancient knowledge and use it to heal ourselves.

It is known that we have all the power and resources we need inside each and every one of us. It is time to believe back in ourselves and our own abilities.

That’s why at Hypnok, we bring you all those amazing and incredible natural healing techniques that combine knowledge from western, eastern and even further more than that. Indeed, some of us (human) have great channeling abilities to get information and knowledge that does not come from this plane of existence but this another topic will discuss later.

Services Available

Hypnok Center proposes natural and non-invasive healing techniques using the power of the mind, meridian points, chakra system, life force energy or (Chi, Prana). We are still learning new skills but this is what we can propose you for now. 


We are devoted to natural healing and the power of the mind. Hypnok assists you to achieve your goals. There is absolutely no limit with hypnosis as there is no limit for the mind too. Hypnosis has been used for thousands and thousands of years but unfortunately “officially” recognized by modern science only a few years ago. Medium, Oracles, Pity, Meditation are just some of many words associated with hypnosis. Some cultures used it in the past to see in the future, heal their own and much more use of hypnosis and other cultures chased and killed all people related to hypnosis and “paranormal”.


Power of the Mind

Hypnosis session for relaxation


Using the power of the mind, it is possible to use hypnosis and get over addictions, trauma, stress, anxiety and much more.

past life regression

Past-life regression

Using the power of the mind, it is possible to have access to past memories that will be related to past lives.

Vipassana Meditation


Learn and practice different meditations alone or in a group, this place is fun :)

7 Chakras on the body

Meridian Therapy

Asian Bio-Energy Therapy is a complete checkup and treatment of blockages in the body. Discover this amazing healing technique that will change your life.

Reiki healing on a flower


Reiki is a technique from Japan allowing channeling life force energy to relax, heal, and balance energy in the body, we are certified Master Teacher .

La Trame vibrational healing


Trame Vibrational Therapy is a technique from French alchemist that create a reset or reboot of the body on vibrational level. It is very smooth and gentle technique.

Morning Yoga position

Yoga Retreat 

Yoga retreats are available every week on different subjects, you can book 4 days retreat and 10 days retreat. We propose custom-made retreat for special purposes too, check it out.

Workshop in Chiang Mai


If you like to learn new skills and techniques, this is the place that you are looking for. We propose workshops and classes on Reiki, Orgones, Crystals, Meditations, healing techniques and more. 

Heart Healing Meditation


It is fun to meditate all together, the more we are, the more fun it is. Don't be shy and join us for interesting guided meditations to connect together, to pray for world peace, to heal the earth, Merkaba meditation, Tantric meditation and more.

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Yoga retreat are available every week on different subjects, you can book 3 days retreat or 7 days retreat. We propose custom made retreat for special purposes too, check it out.


If you like to learn new kills and techniques, this is the place that you are looking for. We propose workshops and classes on Reiki, Orgones, Crystals, Meditations, healing techniques and more. 

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