Crystal Healing 


Chakra Balancing

A crystal is a solid material which has the ability to absorb, store and project delicate energy. Each crystal has its own resonance / vibration. It is used on the energies of the body to balance, heal.






It is believed that the body is the reflection or mirror of the Soul (which is energy). In this case having a balanced and healthy body starts by a healthy Soul.



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This energy is in perpetual movement around our body which makes us alive. It enters and exit our body via vortices placed at precise location on our body. Those vortices are called Chakras. Seven of them are particularly interesting and located all along our nervous system from the base of the spine up to the top of the head. They have their own vibration and resonance as the crystal.


The energy flowing around the body is the Aura and there are several layers linked to each Chakra.

Those chakras allow the flow of the energy which is vital for good health and balanced life. You will understand that a Chakra unbalanced by been too open or too close will disturb the body energy and create what we call a dis-ease and It starts by an unbalanced energy.

Each Chakra has its own vibration with is associated to a color. As you already know the light is made from seven colors that can be observed as rainbow forming. Light is energy and as light is made out of colors, we can see this way that color is energy as well, it is its own frequency which allows us to see the colors. The seven colors of the rainbow has the same frequency as the Chakras.

By physical or mental contact with colors corresponding to its chakra, we can heal and balance our self on the right way.


Crystals are used in the same way. We can recharge the crystal with energy that will heal and balance body on the energy level.

Stone Healing

By placing a particular stone at a particular location on the body, we will create a symbiosis between the stone and the corresponded Chakra.

The Chakra will resonate with the stone and with some time, it will adjust to the frequency of the stone. This process helps to balance the Chakras to the correct “tone”.