What is Yoga

We usually have a misconception on what is Yoga and how to practice it!
Actually, Yoga means so many things that we can be confused on what is and what isn't Yoga.

Yoga comes from Sanskrit language and means balance, equilibrium. Balance between all the aspects of our life (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.). How one can find the equilibrium within him/her self. 

For thousands of years, some people have observed, analysed and understood the needs to be balanced in all aspect of our life. 

It is like preparing for a marathon. If you don't have good shoes, you will not make it. If you do not have the mental to finish, you will not make it. If you do not have energy from good food, you will not make it. You will only make it if you work on all aspect of this marathon. 

In the same way, we will struggle with our lives if we are not physically, mentally and spiritually balanced. 

This is where the Yoga can guide you by offering you a path, a guidance in all aspects of your life.

First, you need to determine your goals, what you like to achieve. Then you can choose from many solutions available to you. 
Yoga is so versatile that it allows you to find balance in anyway possible. 
- You want to loose weight? 
Then practice active yoga like Ashtanga or Power Yoga, even hot yoga will be beneficial. Practice meditation to control your cravings. Don't forget to eat healthy food depending on your body type and activity. 

- You want to relax from stressful life?

Then practice slow yoga like Hatha, or Yin Yoga will be beneficial. Practice meditation to control your stress and relax. Practice deep breathing to get rid of emotions. Don't forget to eat healthy food, some food have tendency to make us angry and stressed. 

- You want to strengthen your immune system?
Practice breathing exercises to reinforce your immune system and energy in the body. Eat healthy food depending on your body type and activity

By combining different techniques, you will achieve your goals. There is no magic pills or magic yoga position that will change everything in you. 


Different ways to

practice Yoga

We can help you to achieve your goals by following our classes and retreats.

Classes & Retreats

At Hypnok, we like to share and spend time together. In this optic, we propose you few events that will satisfy your curiosity and increase your general knowledge.


Daily Yoga Classe

If you like to practice Yoga, we propose a daily yoga class at 4pm at Hypnok Center


Yoga Holidays

Join us for a few days or more to enjoy a retreat with yoga & meditation. We have many packages available 


Morning Meditation

Every morning during sunrise, we propose you to meditate to start your day with calm and serenity


Learn Reiki 

At Hypnok Center we have Reiki Masters to attune & teach you the amazing power of Reiki.

Past Event

“Being in love, not in fear, is the primary key to higher consciousness.
It is the Heart that contains the original instructions of life, 
and when the Heart is again in control of a persons life, 
Life responds with joy and power.” Drunvalo Melchizedek

This 4-day transformative intensive workshop is one of the most authentic and sacred ancient teaching offered. It is a combination of scientific knowledge and ancient spiritual knowledge with practices. 

The course curriculum is exactly what Drunvalo teaches in his ATIH classes.The workshop takes you through different exercises and practices, giving you the tools to shift your awareness from the polarized brain, where most of us reside, into the purity and unity of your heart. You will find your way into your heart and discover a world as real as the outer world, but more ancient and primal.

You will experience an important activation of the pineal gland. You will also activate your Mer-Ka-Ba (your personal energy field) through the heart and remember how to create a new reality in Unity Consciousness from your heart as opposed to from your mind.