Other Therapy Proposed at Hypnok Center

Moxa, (alias Artemisia Moxa)


Moxa is a plant that can be used for medicinal purposes. Infused in water or dry-burned, Moxa is very powerful herb used by Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousand of years. Hypnok Wellness Center propose you Moxa Therapy to treat or improve your health. Artemisia Moxa is a “Chinese plant” usually known as Moxa. It grows very well in most continents but mostly famous for Chinese as a powerful medicine herbs for eons.


Moxibustion is the combustion of moxa that treats and prevents diseases by applying heat to acupuncture points of the body.

In moxibustion, usually a small cone of moxa or dry yellow spongy substance made from a herbal plant "Mugwort" is placed on the acupuncture points to stimulate the designated area. Usually, the patient experiences a comfortable sensation with the heat from moxa combustion that penetrates deep into the skin. This technique is called Direct Moxibustion but there are other way of using moxa and very popular is to use a cigar-type moxa stick or moxa roll to warm the skin close to the acupuncture points.

Different ways to use Moxibustion


Moxa sticks are burnt near the acupoint so as to cause a warm sensation. (during 10 to 20 minutes, with the skin turning red). Effective for numbness and pain in the limbs.


This kind of moxibustion places medicinal materials between the moxa cone and the skin surface. These materials include ginger, salt, garlic...

moxa stick 2.jpg

Light Therapy (near infrared)


Maybe you already know or heard about light therapy using "infrared light". It's start to be famous around the world. but even if infrared light is very efficient to repair skin issues and treat some disease, infrared light still have some side effects usually lead to misuse like tissue and cell damage or burning of the eyes,  

At Hypnok Center, we use "near infrared light". It a light that was specially developed in Thailand (Chiang Mai) by some European engineers to reduce the potential damage of the infrared red light. With the help of skin specialists, they develop a light that operates just before the infrared. It results of a very gentle light with no side effects at all, no need to protect the eyes and no limit of use. 

As you can see on the picture, near infrared light can penetrate deeper than other light and as it is very gentle, it does not damage the tissue or cell. It can be used on daily basis with amazing positive effect on the body and mind.

light therapy.jpg

Light Therapy Benefits


Effect on the skin:

  • increasing the production of collagen to give back skin its elasticity

  • increasing the circulation between tissue cells and blood

  • protecting the cells from damage

  • improving facial texture

  • reducing wrinkle severity

  • rejuvenate the skin

  • improving Acne

Effect on wound:

  • reducing the inflammation directly in the cells

  • stimulating new blood vessels to form

Hair growth

  • improved hair density

  • improves baldness

Stress relieve, sleeping disorder

Boost of the immune system


Reducing pain

Enhancing bone recovery

Anti-inflammatory benefits

It was noted some very positive effect on the following:

And many more positive effects that need deeper research before being published! 

What a session feels like:

During a light session, you will comfortably lie on the massage table and relax for the time of about 1 hour. We will move the light on your body on strategic points linked to your needs or meridian lines. It can be orientated on the Chakras too for balancing and healing.

You can expect deep relaxation and sometime 'detox symptoms" like releasing weak energy from the body.

The session will last for about 1 hour but the positive effect an be felt long after the session as the light penetrate deep into the tissue and cell. 

Light Therapy.jpg

Guasha Massage


Gua sha is an alternative natural therapy by scraping the skin with a massage tool usually buffalo horn or crystals to improve the circulation. This ancient Chinese healing technique offers a unique approach to improve your health and treat issues like chronic pain.


Is used for thousand of years especially in China to activate blood circulation, to remove static blood & eliminates toxins from the body. It improves its microcirculation, promotes the flow of the larger circulatory system to resolve blood stasis and strengthen the immune system as it cleans the body’s internal environment. It is very efficient to move stagnant blood and lymph from the subcutaneous fascia. 

Scraping - Increases cellular turnover → stagnant blood it is no longer deep in the body but brought to the surface which stimulates the immune system and the body cells.  The body will increase the turnover of fresh blood and new cells are born more quickly.

We want the blood to flow smoothly at a certain consistency and have certain nutrients in it to improve our health. If there is sha (toxins in the blood) the skin will turn red or even dark purple during the massage.


It is used for : 

  • Any kind of pain, distressed muscles, we use the gua sha directly over the pain area for  immediate pain relieve from that area. In addition to promoting circulation and helping the body to get rid of stagnated blood and lymph.


  • stimulates immune system (good for cold/flu). Gua sha therapy dilates blood vessels and improves the permeability of mucous membranes in the tissue to accelerate the circulation of lymph and activate phagocytosis. The expression of sha through scraping can improve microcirculation, stimulate the metabolism. Gradual resolution of the sha, which occurs through the breakdown of red blood cells, activates immunocytes to enhance the body’s defense system.


  •  Headache, the Gua Sha stimulates the energy inside the head and will treat the headache very quickly. 


  •  Regulating Bio-information; The stimulation from gua sha on the body surface produces specific biological messages that are transmitted to the relevant organs via the neural-humoral system. This improves the health of the internal organs and helps rectify any existing organ disorders by regulating bodily functions and sending warning signals to the various bodily systems. During gua sha, one can determine the condition of the internal zang- fu organs by the appearance of sha (its quantity, location and color) and the reaction elicited by scraping the presence, severity and nature of pain, and any resistance during scraping. Gua sha is easy to perform, helps with early diagnosis, simultaneous diagnosis and treatment, and has no side effects.

little toxins in the blood
little toxins in the blood

Gua sha massage female

moderate toxins in the blood
moderate toxins in the blood

Gua sha male

many toxins in the blood
many toxins in the blood

Gua Sha female