Meridian Therapy / ABET

"Asian Bio-Energetics Therapy"  

ABET or Asian Bio-Energetics Therapy is a scientific treatment that mix and combine “ancient oriental holistic” healing techniques. It does not require any machines and no drugs are needed for treatment. Bio-energetics Therapy works on the natural energy field of the patient and will restore one’s own energy field, healing powers, promote relaxation, have positive effect on physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

During a period of 30 years, Dr Than Van Le developed Asian Bio-Energetics Therapy as a non-invasive and drug free healing technique. It combines many different techniques for diagnoses and treatments. A session will last for 2 to 3 hours and will include consultation, diagnoses, treatment, Reiki relaxation and personal recommendation for well being.

What a session looks like

You spend some time with the specialist to discuss about ABET treatment and your conditions. It is a good time to ask any questions you might have on Bio-Energetic Therapy. The specialist will ask questions to know more about the patient and identify the purpose of the visit.


This is an important part of the session when the specialist tests some energetic points on the physical body to identify imbalances and blockages. The O-Ring test (or BDOR Test from Japan) is used for diagnosis. It is a powerful tool, non invasive and painless that will help the specialist on this part of the process


Different treatments will be proposed depending on the condition of the patient.

- Piezo therapy from Japan uses the power of crystals to remove blockages and allows vital force to flow naturally in the body.


- Magnet therapy from Japan will be a complement to Piezo treatment. It uses the power of magnet to produce a small electric current on particular acupuncture points to reinstall balance and normal energy.


- Healing Breathing from Tibet helps to balance the positive and negative energy throughout the body. It very powerful to calm the nervous system, regulates and slows heart and blood pressure, cleans the toxins out of the body, increases the oxygen and stimulates digestion.


- Moxa therapies of acupuncture from China use the well-known power of the plants to heal and balance the bodies. Moxa combustion treats and prevents diseases by heating some acupuncture points on certain locations of the body that requires treatments. Remember it is a painless treatment, heat can be felt but not hurting you.


A Reiki session is proposed at the end of each treatments. Reiki massage from Japan works on the energetic body, promotes relaxation and release pain. It is a nice way to end the treatment and gives the opportunity for a deep relaxation that procures this Reiki massage.

At the end of the session the specialist will give some recommendations adapted to the patient needs concerning food to eat, water to drink and other healthy tips for your well being.

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ABET is a complete therapy from diagnosis to treatment that will help the body to go back to its natural state of well-being. It is recommended to experience 3 to 4 sessions before you start to see some effects but usually from the very 2nd session the specialist can see amelioration on the imbalances and blockages. It is not a religion and you do not have to believe in it for it to work.


It is believed that the best way to remove pain is to treat the cause of the pain or ailment itself.


Imbalances are the root cause of most illnesses:  most ancient civilizations around the world like Greeks with Hippocrates, the Chinese Traditional Medicine or the Hindus with the Vedas and many more are aware that balance is health and imbalance is the cause of all illness and pain.


It is linked to our “Universal Laws”, those 12 immutable laws that govern our universe:
The Universal law of Correspondence stipulates that everything in the physical world has equivalent in the Etheric or spiritual world. Everything that we experience in our external reality is a direct reflection of our inner-world. Usually said “as above, so below”.



This knowledge was preciously preserved by many civilizations and it is coming back little by little.

- The Taoists call it “Chi” or “Qi”
- The Hindu call it “Prana”
- The Japanese call it “Ki”
- The Polynesian call it “Mana”
- The Hebrew call it “Ruach” and “Baraka” in Islam
- The Russian call “Bio-Plasmic Energy”

In western countries, it was named few times. For example, Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered the “Orgone energy” in the 1930’s, Georges Lucas call it “The Force” in Star Wars movies. It is now officially called Bio-Electric Energy inside our body and Bio-Electromagnetic Field or Aura around our body.

By definition, treating the emotional imbalances will have an effect on the physical illness and help the body to repair itself. Stressful life, environment or unreleased emotions will block your Life Force and weaken your energy. The body has not enough “power” to fight outside aggression and you become what we call sick.

An ABET practitioner can help release these blockages to return your energy flow to normal, therefore contributing to an optimal functioning of body, mind and spirit.

How It Works

Very Effective for

- Accident or stroke rehabilitation
- Headaches and other pains
- Back and joint pains,
- Diabetes
- Sleepless nights
- Blood pressure
- Stomach issues
- Liver, kidney, and urinary bladder problems,
- Parkinson's, Lupus, MS  and other such debilitating diseases.

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