Healing Available at Hypnok

Healing is the process of restoration of the health from unbalanced, diseased or damaged body. Health appears when we are balanced or in harmony, when the body and the mind vibrate at a right frequency or vibration. It is our natural state of being.

As some of you are experiencing it, we are living an “Awakening” of human consciousness actually it is the hole solar system that experiencing changes. It is the time we remember who we really are and what kind of power we have. Healing and self-healing is part of this power and knowledge we are getting back. We (light workers) are now able understand and combine many different healing techniques from all over the world. Ancient Chinese medicine, Tibetan breathings, Japanese massage, Ancient Egyptian medicine, etc.

Hypnok is happy to propose you some of those amazing natural treatments that will help to restore your health to balanced state of well being.  



Asian Bio Energy Therapy

Asian Bio-Energy Therapy is a complete checkup and treatment of blockages in the body. Discover this amazing healing technique that will change your life.

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Energy Healing from Japan

Reiki is a technique from Japan allowing channeling life force energy to relax, heal, and balance energy in the body, we are certified Master Teacher .



Vibrational Healing Therapy

Trame Vibrational Therapy is a technique from French alchemist that create a reset or reboot of the body on vibrational level. It is very smooth and gentle technique.



Moxa & Herbal Therapy

Moxa is a plant used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for very long time. Its multiples properties on the human body is recognized worldwide. Hypnok Center proposes you Moxa Therapy to treat you.



Guasha Neck & Back Detox

Coming soon

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Gentle Light Therapy

Light Therapy is used to repair skin, cells and remove blockages inside the body.
We use "near infrared light" which is more gentle and penetrate deeper than infrared light. 



Crystal & Chakra Therapy

Each crystal has its own resonance / vibration. It is used on the energies of the body to balance, heal



Pranic healing breathing

We would like to propose you different breathing techniques we learned from many teachers

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When we are talking about healing, we need to understand few fundamental concepts.

As we understand now, most unbalance and what we call diseases are the result of emotional blockages that does not allow the energy to flow correctly inside our bodies. Those blockages might come from fears, stress, suppressed emotions, heartbroken, every emotion that we didn’t express or get rid. Now we find ourselves with pack of emotions blocking the vital flow of energy inside our bodies.

The cells inside this cloud of emotions do not get the vital information on how to grow and will start to create their own colonies what we call disease.

For example, take a class full for students and the teacher give an exercise before going out of the class few minutes. How long it takes for the first student not to do the exercise? How long it takes for the hole class not to do the exercise?
When the teacher comes back, some students are chatting, some are drawing, other are fighting, only few “good students” will still do the exercise gave from the teacher.

Our Cells inside our body are exactly the same and as long as they get the information on what to do and how to grow, everything is fine and healthy we are. But once our cells do not get this precious information we start to experience unbalance and diseases. Working on the energy level will help to remove those blockages and promote health in the body.

Then we have to understand the power of our mind and especially the power of our thought.

Why do you go to the doctor when you are sick?


Because you believe that he/she will be able to heal you or make you feel better!

So just by “going to the doctor”, you already start the healing process!


Have you heard about “the placebo effect”?


The following experience made by scientists tried to prove that we have the power to heal ourselves.

They took 100 people that had the same sickness like flow or alike and half of them got a “real” medicine to heal them and the other half got “fake” medicine like sugar pills or alike.


The scientist realized that the same percentage of people from both side did heal in same amount of time half of them with real medicine and another half with fake medicine.


The conclusions of this experience demonstrate that it is not the medicine that heals but the patient himself believing that the medicine will heal. It is the mind that triggers the healing process believing that the medicine will help.