Orgone, Orgonite

Orgonite” or “Orgone Generator” is a mix compound of metal, crystal and vegetal that transform negative energies from electromagnetic emissions of electrical devices like Neon light, TV & computer screens, mobile phone & mobile phone towers, high voltage cables, etc. in clean positive orgonic energy. Orgonite will regenerate and balance the energy field surrounding it. The action of the compressed metal combined with the power of the crystal, can absorb and purify a large quantity of negative energies on a large area.  Orgonite can be used to meditate and healing as well. It will help one to relax and keep their mind in peace & balance.

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Orgonite is good for

- Improve your overall health and well-being

- Strengthen the energy flow in your body

- Boost your intuitive and intellectual qualities

- Enjoy undisturbed and refreshing sleep

- Protect yourself and the planet against EMF radiation

- Accelerate plant growth

- Give your healing and channeling a boost

- Open up to your true potential and psychic abilities

- Harmonize and heal the environment you live in

- purify, preserve and charge water and food

- Program Orgonite with intentions

- Deepen your spiritual practice

- Harmonize your relationships

How to use Orgonite,
place it:

- In your hand when you are meditating

- Under glass or bottle of water to purify it


- Under any food to recharge it


- Near animals bed or fish tank, they will love it


- Near your mobile phone or computer to limit the effect of negative energies


- Near the pain you or your patient experience to accelerate the healing process


- In your car on the dashboard or near the engine to limit the negative energies


- Under your pillow for deep and regenerating sleep


- Under the plants or in the plant’s pot to give a boost to your plants


Some History about Orgone Generator,

In the 1930’s, Wilhelm Reich an Austrian Doctor discovered the power of what he called “Orgone accumulator”. Using the properties of metals like copper to accumulate Orgone energy and interact with human body to regenerate and promote health. He realized that it was effective on pain, cancer cells and many other diseases.

Later on, this “Orgonite accumulator” was reduced in size to fit in our rooms, bedrooms, even under the pillow and pocket sizes.

Wilhelm Reich
First Orgone A

It is the same universal energy named by other culture

- The Taoists call it “Chi” or “Qi”
- The Hindu call it “Prana”
- The Japanese call it “Ki”
- The Polynesian call it “Mana”
- The Hebrew call it “Ruach” and “Baraka” in Islam
- The Russian call “Bio-Plasmic Energy

- George Lucas calls it "The Force" in Star Wars movies


How it works !!

So now you know that an Orgone / Orgonite is a combination of 3 elements for different purposes:

Metals are very good conductors of electricity as you may know. Actually, metals are very good to energies whatever enters in contact with them. Try to drink some mineral water from the bottle then put the same water in a copper glass for example and you will taste different. Metals will "ionize" what they touch. In this matter, when metals enter in contact with "dead energy", "negative energy or "not moving energy" it will "make it move again", remove what we call blockages.


Crystals are known for their powerful properties and will be used in Orgone conception as a booster for the metal, plus the crystal will add its own touch depending on the crystal's properties.   

Resin is used to bind the whole thing together plus to activate it. Indeed, when the resin is solidifying, it goes through a process of heat and cools down, and as it cools down, it will compact and compress itself which will activate the Orgone Generator. 

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At Hypnok, we produce some Orgone Generators to use on your own and experience the power of those devices. We combine metals and crystals to produce a high-quality Orgone Generator. It will clear the negative energy around the holder and the crystals will amplify the effect and interact with their own qualities.

To know what an Orgone Generator will bring you, just refer to the properties of the stones inside.
Either do a Google search or check our Crystals Page to know more about Crystals.


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