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Past Life Regression in Hua hin Thailand

The physical body we use comes from our parent has all the genetics data in it, but we are not our body, we are consciousness coming directly from God. And if our Soul existed before, which it is, and can enter a body when it is in the womb or at birth then leave the body when it is too old, then it is logical to believe it can enter a body more than one time, here is the concept of reincarnation.


All the memories that concern you are stored in a part of your subconscious mind and you can have access to it under hypnosis. It sounds like we are going to the same patterns or cycles of life. Some of us had been here for a long long time through many many lives and others are just brand new and do not have past memories.




How does a past life session work?


Usually, it is a process in two steps. We propose you first a casual meeting to introduce each other. It is a good opportunity for you to ask all the questions you have about hypnosis and past life. During this first meeting, we will evaluate if you are apt for a past life experience. Sometimes, some emotional blockage can break the past life experience, that's why it is important to have this first meeting. During this meeting, we will conduct a small hypnosis induction to see how you react to the script and eventually adjust it.

This first meeting free of charge will last for about 1 hour depends on how talkative you are.


Then we plan another meeting for the past life experience itself. Again, this session will last for about 1 hour.

Past Life Regression in Hua hin, Thailand


Past life regression has been rediscovered and became popular about 30 years ago when some hypnotherapist find their client in another life while been under hypnosis. Many long studies had been made on the subject of past life regression and the results are very similar from many different sources.

Dr Brian Weiss on Opha Winfrey TV Show

Do you want to know more about past-life regression? 


We propose you some books that are really interesting. There are much more out there but here is a good start:

Many lives many masters.jpg

Dr. Brian Weiss is a traditional psychotherapist who works for many years with patients with deep trauma. He was astonished and very skeptical when one of his patients started to describe a life which seems to be from the past. Dr. Weis tells us this amazing story in this book: Many Lives, Many Masters  

dolores cannon they walked with
dolores cannon convoluted universe.jpg

Dolores Cannon is a masterpiece for past life regression. For 40 years she worked with past life and even created her own Hypnosis technique called QHHT (quantum hypnosis healing therapy). She wrote many books on different subjects related to the experiences she had with clients. She was able to combine "historical facts" and stories from past life. Pick up a book and let you transport to incredible stories.  

You will find hereunder some answers to questions you might have:

If you are wondering why some have many past life?
It can be explained by the Karmic cycles, each life has its own purpose and as long as you do not fulfill your purpose, you have to start again. 

For those who are questioning where were the ones that had no past life on earth before?

Many answers as many believe system, they might have been sited at the right of God, having another experience in another planet or they might have been angels and coming on earth to help.  


How long is a basic Past Life Regression session?

A past life regression session can take about two hours to three hours depending on the client. It is usually recorded in case the client has no memory afterward. It is preferable to conduct the session in two parts, it has more positive results. The first session is actually for you to understand what is past life regression, get to know your hypnotherapist. A short hypnosis induction is included in the first session for you to get familiar with the feeling of being hypnotized. The second session consists of the actual past life regression and can last for a few hours.


What can happen during my past life session?

Many things can happen during a past life regression but nothing bad do not worry. Many things in the sense of your unconscious mind will decide what is relevant for you to see or to know at that time. Some clients are projected in the future and can see themselves older. The other will see only childhood memories because the mind knows there is something for you to figure out. But most of the clients actually can have access to past lives. For some, it will not be a long time ago maybe a few decades and for others, it might be a very long time ago, even sometimes before the fall of Atlantis. The best way to is to come open-minded and do not expect anything and you will enjoy this experience.


Will I have any memory of the session; will I remember what I said?

Only a few people will go in a very deep hypnosis state and will not remember fully what they saw during the session. During a past life regression, you are in control and aware of what you are seeing and saying. In case you do not have enough memories afterward, we still have the recorded mp3 for you to listen.


How can I benefit from Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression has many benefits to offer as many of our physical, emotional and mental issues are usually coming from past life. Anxiety, anger, heart disease, asthma, chronic pain, etc. are some examples of unresolved problems you had in your past life. So you will be able to discover the root cause of your problem and disease from past life regression.   
Past life regression can be used for personal and spiritual grows as well or even for fun, just to discover who you were before you enter your actual body.


Will I be able to recognize friends and family during my past life experience?

According to some spiritual teachers, our soul is used to travel and exist within the same group. We basically reincarnate with our friends and enemies as we might have some unfinished business with them. It is very common during a past life experience to recognize a lover or our parents. Sometime roles of everyone might be changed; your parents might have been your child before or your best friends. All those experiences are here to help us to understand various situations from a different point of views.  


How will I be able to see and will it be clear?

The vision will depend on the client. Sometimes, it will be very clear as you are living it. Some other time, it might be some sounds, body feelings or colors. If you keep an open mind and do not think about what you are seeing or feeling but just by enjoying the experience, it will be more efficient and you will see much more things. It is good if you have a goal or a question before you start, the mind can show you the answer and some amazing way. Sometimes you will just know the answer without knowing where it comes from but you will just know it. Just trust your mind and it will show you whatever you want to know.


What if I do not like what I am seeing in the regression and start to feel uncomfortable?

Like I said before, everything can happen during past life regression, you can find yourself in a dangerous situation or even dying but there are techniques for you to keep in control and have another point of view which will be less emotional for you to live. Anyway, remember that you are all the time in control during hypnosis, so if you do not like what you are experiencing, you can always choose to come out of hypnosis.


Can I get stuck in the past life?

You cannot get stuck into a past life. You are in control all the time during the session. You will have access to your memories as a witness, not as an actor. So you cannot get stuck and cannot get harmed during past life regression. You can have feelings and sensation like you watch a movie, but nothing more, you are safe.