Earth Frequency and the Awakening

This is maybe new for some of you but you should know that the Earth has a frequency, a kind of heart beat. In 1952, physicists were able to calculate the Earth frequency at 7.83 Hz and became known as the Schumann resonance. This frequency has been identified for eons by the ancient Indian and probably other cultures as well. Later on, we discovered that the Moon, the Sun and all Planets have their own frequencies. Even if there are picks and increase of frequency when there is lighting for example, the whole frequency of the planet stays about the same for the past 5,000 years with an increase of 0.4 Hz every cycle of 5,125 years.

But since the 1980’s, scientists and physicists have noticed a jump or great acceleration of the Earth frequency. From 1987 to 2012 the earth frequency has jumped from 7.8Hz to 13Hz. By 2015, the Earth frequency has reached 15 Hz. Now June 2016, the Earth is now at 16 Hz and still continues to increase and by 2017, the Earth will reach 18 Hz.

What it means is the Earth is “awakening” from long sleep. It means that we are emerging from the “Dark Age” and entering again in a “Golden Light Age”. This probably coincides with the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

It is interesting to notice that the Human body is tuned to the frequency of the Earth. There are 4 Hypnotic states (Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta) which are link to the brainwave activity. Beta is the most active states with the highest frequencies and Delta will be the most “sleeping” state with the slowest frequencies. By slowing our brain activity or frequency, we reduce the conscious activity as well which is great in hypnosis.

In other way the more we reduce our frequency, the more we become “sleepy” which was the state of the Earth frequency for the past 10,000 years. It sounds like the Earth is awakening from sleeping so human being. 2012 was deceiving for the majority of people who were expecting great changes or great disasters as predicted but the great change had happened and as we start a new cycle as identified by many ancient civilizations like the Mayans, the great chances are to come.

For the past 10,000 years, humanity had to “restart” from a great disaster. It is recorded in all ancient civilizations over the world. The great flood is not a myth anymore and it cost a lot to humanity to recover from it. Let’s face it, Pyramids are found all over the world with estimated building between 35,000 to 10,000 BC. We have been programmed to believe that the Egyptians build it for their Pharaohs but it is pure calumny. What maybe happened is the Egyptians rediscovered them at their time and had a use of it but this is another debate. We have some part of stories here and there about lost civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria where human with high level of consciousness lived in harmony with the nature and where capable of great realization like the Pyramids around the Earth and probably the Sphinx (which have been “resculpted” by the Egyptians at their effigy).

Global ancient civilization

Then the great flood washed out everything and humanity entered a “Dark Age”.

Now imagine for a second that the entire world is flooded until high land mountains. It means that 99% of the population is gone. What rest on earth are people in the mountain (what we call uneducated or even savages sometime) who have just an idea of what was “our world” with plane, phone, internet, skyscrapers, etc. Now restart a civilization with those people (no offence) and you will see that it takes time. They will not be able to event the Iphone until a long long time and this is exactly where we are now. We have struggled for 10,000 years trying to reach the level we were before the great flood. Some of us remember, I know it is difficult to understand but via hypnosis, we can have access to past lives and we get great deal information from people under hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been used for eons to have access to other realms and dimensions. It is used by our governments to travels throughout time and be witnesses on historical events.

​Hypnosis has been demonized and ridiculed by those in power because they do not want the basic people to have access to it. Many movies make joke on hypnosis just to contribute to this idea of non sense hypnosis. But we know now and we use it as much as we can to help, heal and understand our past and our future.

It has been proved many times that hypnosis can heal sickness that even modern medicine cannot safe. This is the biggest secret of humanity that we, us have all the power inside us to do great thing and heal ourselves.


So now it is time for humanity to get out of this “sleeping state” and get into the light. It is time to remember who we really are: CONSCIOUSNESS and ONENESS. As long as we do not realize this, we cannot go on to the next step. Every one of us is different, unique and the same. We are part of a whole, and we can have access to this whole, this oneness to realize and learn great things. Everything we do as individual has an impact on others; everything is linked and supposed to work in symbiosis and harmony.

More and more people around the world are awakening and from all directions and religions. There are no limits and no boundaries in this awakening. Yesterday those people were Christian or Muslims or Jewish or Buddhist today they are just consciousness part of this oneness.

What a beautiful experience to discuss with my “brother enemies” and realizing that we are the same, oneness and consciousness. We stop looking at each other like different and we embrace and hug each other saying “sorry I didn’t know, I wasn’t aware”.

It is time for great changes; it is time to go back to who we really are!

How to do that! How to be awaken, how to be enlightened? The old Chinese guy on the top of the hill would say to you that you cannot fill a fulfilled cup. You have to empty your cup first and open your heart.

What it means is you have to deprogram yourself to be able to get a brand new healthy program. You have no idea what damage the processed food is doing on your body and system. Products in tap water like sodium fluorite are made to block the pineal gland which is the key to start an awakening.

We have to go back to “normal natural food”, not from GMO and from pesticides vegetables. We have to go back to the quality against the quantity. Stop added sugar drink and all sugar replacement like aspartame, etc. Everything we need is already in nature, no need to add sugar or process the food to “make it better”.

It is time to have consideration with other and start to really help each other without expecting in return. Together we can do whatever we want if we can agree and coordinate ourselves. This is the power of those in power, they pretend that we are different from others but it makes no sense. French are the same as Italian, Palestinian are the same as Israelite, Indian are the same as Pakistan. As soon as we unite, we become more powerful and nothing can stop us. As soon as we stop playing the game, there is no game. As soon as we stop listening to this Elite and start to concentrate on ourselves, we can change the world and make it the way we like. No need rules and rulers and everybody work on harmony with others.


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