Light Body & Merkaba, what is that?

Book: Archangel Metraton speaks

On behalf of: Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Channeled by: Catherine Kapahi, Ph.D.

Archangel Metraton speaks throughout channeling with Ph.D. Catherine Kapahi


Metatron is this Archangel who gave the sacred geometry and shapes. The famous Metraton’s cube come from him. His is sitting right next to God and is in the service of Oneness.

He is the one who created the light body or Merkaba for human being, allowing us to move through the universe & different dimensions.

This topic deserve a full post but this book will certainly open some light about the light body or Merkaba. Metatron, full of love, explains what the light body is and how to repair it and restore to full functional Merkaba.

It is essential to have your light body fully operational during the ascension process. It is

a shield that allows you to travel safely throughout dimensions and other level of existence. Metatron insist on the concept of rising our own vibration to match the love and light energy. It is not the moment to stay in fear, low or negative energy.

If you wonder how to change the world, this is the way to do. It is not possible to change others, what we can do is to work on ourselves and make some changes. This book offers you a way to do it. How to meditate, how to recognize negative energy and deal with them.

Use Angels and Archangels to help you in your way, they are here for that and will be so happy to do some work with you. Remember that the free will govern our earth so we have to ask for support and help as most entities will not brake this free will law.

Here below the link to PDF

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