Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels

Let’s face it, whatever religions you believe, there are some stories about Angels & Spirits,

Fairies, etc. Many Scientific and Historians are working very hard to put those stories in “Myths” because there are no physical evidences so it would be pure fantasy to believe in such Mystical Entities.

With hypnosis, we have learned great information on what they call Mystical Entities. Many witnesses from opposite side of the world had experienced contact with those entities. They are actually many ways for you to contact a spirit and there are many reasons why you should contact a particular spirit as well.

So who are those Entities that are around us?

There are many categories of Spirit Guides but the most evident category is of course the “Good” Spirits and the “Bad” Spirits and this is the balance of every things. Lucky for us it is very easy to recognize them because of their frequencies. You will find “Bad” spirits in lower frequencies and “Good” spirits in higher frequencies. So by connecting yourself to a particular frequency, you will have access to the corresponded Spirits.

Here I will talk only about higher spirits, the ones who want your benefit and your growth. They are entities from the “other side” and represent a mediator between higher Planes of non being. These are teachers who accompany us throw our journey on this reality. They can appear in various forms.

We have spiritual guides with us from our birth to our death. Some of them stay all the time and others are just passing by for a particular teaching or events in our lives. They talk to us and will appear in various form but will try to match your frequency and your environments. It explain why Christians will tend to see Jesus or any Saints and Muslims will tend to interact with Prophets, Shamans will see animals, etc…

Sometimes, Spirit Guides will appear as light, color or sounds. You might get a strong feeling

of pure love surrounding you, it is another way to communicate. They can come as thoughts during “Eureka” moments for example or what we call Inspirations.

Here under is a classification inspired from the Dr BRUCE GOLDBERG.

1- Animal Spirits

For more than 50,000 years, Shamans around the world have been in contact with animal spirits. They meditate and can even take form of animal by changing their frequency. Shamans can enter altered state of consciousness and live their body to the underworld or to look for lost souls. They can enter another animal’s body and feel what this animal is feeling. They can appear as bears, birds, wolves and many more.

2- Angels

Angels are separate entities from humans, they are messengers of God but were never and will never be human and no human will ever be angel. They stay in the fifth dimension and by definition are only pure love spirits. They have consciousness, purpose and will and can be anywhere they want in one instant. There are many references in the holy books from the Old and New Testament, in the Indian Vedas, the Koran, etc. They have their own hierarchy and roles from the closed to the Source (God) to the most distant. They do not appear as human but are guiding us or showing us the way by synchronizing us to meet the right person or to be at the right place at the right time.

3- Chemist Guides

Chemist Guides are spiritual advisors who come around us to train us and help us to change our body chemistry so we can communicate more efficiently with other spiritual dimensions. Those guides operate mostly when we are calm meditating or sleeping.

4- The Doctors

These spirits guides assist us in mental, physical or emotional levels to heal. Usually those spirits had a live on earth as doctor or healer and they still can operate when they pass to the spirit level. Those doctors operate when we are sleeping or in coma. That’s why when we are sick, we sleep a lot to heal more quick on the energy level.

5- Gate Keepers

Those spirits are the guards of the different planes, they protect us from negative entities and evil forces. They operate as guards to allow only good entities to communicate with us. They are always present when we are meditating or under hypnosis.

6- Message Guides

Message Guides are highly evolve beings and come from time to time to deliver special knowledge or information. They guide us with intuitions, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychic gifts, etc. They help us receive messages and information from the other side.

7- Ghosts (Poltergeists)

Ghosts are spirits who stay on the lowest astral plane, in a frequency level very close to earth frequency. There is actually three kind of what we call Ghosts. The first one is the darkest one, those are bad entities who can appear for a short time because it is too difficult for them to adjust to earth frequency or dimension. They can appear when we call them for dark purposes or Satanism for example. The second kind are actually human’s souls who have not passed through the light yet. These are lost souls or recently departed souls who have not figure out yet what happened to them.The last kind are highly evolve spirits who come on this plane to either get information front earth, to study our kind or to give some important messages as well.

8- Masters

Those spirits have mastered the live cycle on Earth and now can guide us with their wisdom. They have the power to guide a great number of people at the same time on the opposite of the guides. They operate on the Mental plane which is at a much higher frequency. Masters communicate by telepathy with anyone they feel needs their help and they are connected to the source to get inspiration. They are able to enter the subconscious part of our mind to operate some healing and change believe system if we allow them to do. They will never harm you and will not intervene without our agreement. They will speak to you and help you only if you listen to them and this is the most difficult thing to do.

All those Spirits, Guides and Masters are not able to harm you because they are only pure love. They only wish to help you, guide you and heal you. As long as you keep positive thoughts and high energy level, you are protected from bad spirits from lower planes.

What you have to do to start a dialog with a spirit is to Quiet and Listen!

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