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Symbols and shapes are everywhere, in nature, construction, religions, secret societies, brand names and logos, etc. they are absolutely everywhere we look at. Sometime we see them, sometime only our subconscious sees them. Symbols are very powerful, we are used to say that a symbol worth thousand words and it is totally true. Some shape and symbol has been used for eons and still used today, we don’t even notice them. Symbols have only the power we put on them, only ourselves have the power to give power to those symbols. Some signs will have a certain meaning for some of us and another meaning for someone else. It depends on our culture and programming.

Here is some example of misusing and misunderstanding signs and symbols. I was raised in Europe with the whole cultural and programming package and for me the Swastika (Hitler Cross) was a very negative sign and scary sign somehow. When I visited India, I saw this sign at many places and many people wear this sign on them, I was first shock and thought that the Nazis was still active in India, I was about to call my Embassy to tell them this horrible news when a friend told me the meaning of this sign there in India. I was double shock that it was used for a terrible meaning when at first, the Swastika means eternity and good luck.

During the war in Iraq, There is this Iraqi family driving a car on a small road. They arrive at a check control operated by the invasive army. The soldier makes them a hand sign which means “Alt Stop Here” in “Western” language but in Oriental language the same sign means “Hello, everything is ok”. The Iraqi car didn’t stop thinking everything was ok, and the soldier started to shoot because he thought it was a terrorist. Dramatic situation originated from the power of symbols.

Symbols are used to show your agreement to certain group like some tattoos which have to be make if one wants to be part of the clan or family. Symbols can be used for healing and cleansing, by visualization, it can have a powerful effect on awareness and sickness. Some symbols are sounds and sounds is vibrations or frequencies so it can heal this way and open Chakras as well.

Here under you will find some very famous and powerful symbols. Of course many more exists plus the one you have created on your own.


Found all over the world, it represent the inner vision, higher knowledge and Elevation (the third eye), the symbol of “all seeing eye” on the top of the pyramid on the Dollar bill. It means, once you open your third eye, you develop wisdom, have clear view of the world around you and become “Illuminated”. The pyramid is also the symbolism of Alchemy.

The Om

Om is a sound, a Sanskrit which symbolizes the 4 stages of consciousness (awake, sleeping, dreaming and the transcendental state). This powerful sound is used by many people to reach a particular level of meditation or hypnosis. By saying the sound (Oooommm) slowly and repeatedly, it creates vibrations in your head and your body which helps to open Chakras and reach the transcendental state.

The Flower of life

This geometric pattern symbols shows how we are all connected in a sense that we all need each other to create symbioses. From bacteria we need in our body to the neighbor for the milk and eggs he gives us. Without this connection, nothing will be possible. This symbol is a great lesson of peace and symbioses.

The Flower of life means that we all came from a very similar place, it contains 13 informational systems and each one explains another aspect of reality. It is a beautiful symbol!

The Tree of Life

It represents a particular Fig Tree originated from India. It is supposed to be under this tree that Buddha reached enlightenment The Bodhi Tree as it is called is a long growing tree, it can take 100 to 3,000 years to reach maturity, it is a wise tree with old souls inside.

The Swastika

The Swastika is an ancient symbol found in Egypt, China, India and South America. It is a symbol of eternity and renewal with the wheel shape and good luck brought buy the four branches from all direction focused in the middle. Unfortunately, this symbol is famous and has been used for the opposite reasons. This symbol is the perfect example to show the duality that some people can experience. When some of us with knowledge of the past can see a beautiful symbol and meaning, others with the memory of its misuse will see death and violence in this symbol. This shows that symbols have only the power we give to them.

The Spiral

From ancient Tibetans, the spiral shows us how we are going around and around with endless possibilities describing how works our universe as well. Everything is spinning around, from the smallest atom to the biggest galaxy in the universe, and ancients people knew it.

The Pentad or Pentagram

The Pentad is an Egyptian symbol for the underground room, a sacred carving symbolism of life in its pure form. Wonderful fish start, an apple heart, all represents the infinite drawing start.

The Eye of Horus

It is the ancient symbolism of royal power, good luck. It represents a design shape of the Pineal gland which is linked to the third eye. It was use as secret and sacred teaching in ancient time. Now it is still used by many secret societies because they know the power of the third eye and to show their links to the “Freemason Society”.

The Number Eight

The number Eight is an ancient Indian symbols which represent the infinity, it is the mix between the feminine and the masculine, the no beginning and no end, just infinity.

The Number Nine

The number nine represent the “Mandala” which is a Hindu term for loop. It is used to raise the consciousness just by staring at its sacred geometry.

“Hamsa” or The Hand of Fatima

The hand of Fatima with the eye in the center is used mainly by the Muslims for protection against evil. The all seeing eye can see and protect against evil.

The Ank

The Ank is the symbol of eternal life, rebirth and the power of life giving by the sun. It shows how we are nothing without each other.

The Caduceus

The Caduceus represents the Rod of Asclepius. It was cared by Hermes, the Greek demi god. This symbol has many meanings inside. It has two serpents climbing on each side which represent the male and female part of our consciousness. The two serpents are enrolling around the stick like the ADN turns on itself. It is a symbolism of hidden knowledge as well. It represents the two brain hemispheres and the seven body Chakras as well. This is a very powerful symbol. On the top of the Caduceus there is a circle with two wings, it is usually associated to the sun or some secret society talks about a hidden planet inside our solar system named Nibiru. This planet is supposed to cross the elliptic of our solar system, that’s why we usually see the cross with this “flying Planet”.

The Caduceus has been misused to represent the medical group, but it has nothing to do with it. Imhotep

Fibonacci Spiral or Golden Spiral

Leonardo Bonacci known as Fibonacci was a genius mathematician in from Italy in the middle age. He discovered that a certain ratio can be applied to almost all natural (God) things. This ratio (1.618) represents the perfect harmony. It can be seen in nature in the spiral of the snail or the way plants grow their petals, the Greek and Egyptian used it in construction like on the Parthenon, it can be seen on the human body and discovered that people we call beautiful have this ratio all over their face or body. The Golden Number at it is called, is the perfect number which represent God’s beauty.

The peace sign


This symbol has been created in the 50’s by the antinuclear protesters. It comes from the two letter N and D which are the first letters for Nuclear and Disarmament. The circle has made for the world and the earth. This message of peace and love originated from those “anti-nuke” has been then popularized with the movement Hippie and Anti-War in the 60’s and 70’s. This symbol is the youngest creation.


The Sumerian, Babylonian, Maya, Egyptian and many more were all worship the Sun. It is funny to notice how all religion in the world had included the sun in their deities. It simply means that first and above all they worship the Sun because they know that it is the Sun who allows life to develop. They are all Sun religions, see if you can picture the Sun in those Symbols and Icons…

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