Universal Laws

There are actually dozens of Universal Laws but here under you will find the most important ones. Universal Laws are very different from religious and administrative laws, they have been created especially for Earth. Other planets and dimensions might have different laws, that’s why Earth is so particular and so precious.

Universal Laws are put in place at the creation of the planet then it develops regarding its own laws. A God that is positively orientated will not propose you negative laws such as "You shall Not...". The God of Love will propose you rules and if you don't respected them you will face the consequences of your acts!

1- The Law of Free Will

This is the first fundamental Law on Earth, The Free Will. At every moment in our life we have the choice. We might not see it or be scared about the consequences but we do have free will. It goes beyond that because we actually have the free will to choose our life, we decide who will be our parents, we decide some important event we want to experience in our life and we decide when we will leave the body as well. All this is decided before we born in this physical dimension.

2- The Law of Karma

The Law of karma is the “cause & effect” basic reactions. For every action, there is a reaction. This means that everything you do in good or bad way will have a return on you. If you do bad things, you will have to pay back and even sometime you will pay back much more than you did first. We chose our lessons to learn on this plane before our birth so there is nobody to blame for what is happening to you.

We can choose to experience a difficult life to pay back some Karma we have accumulated with the past lives. It is difficult to accept it but there is no need to feel bad for someone maybe born without leg or no arms, it is a choice they have made to pay back their Karma. We should applause those people instead of feeling bad.

3- The Law of Grace

The Law of Grace is the solution for the Law of Karma, If you show Mercy, Grace and Love, you will get the same in return, Wisdom cancels Karma. If you show forgiveness and eliminate negative behavior, you will erase all the Karma you had before, your depts. It is real Love against your enemy, if you feel what you did to the person you hurt and feel the pain you make to them, you will be able to find grace and forgiveness.

4- The Law of Challenge

The universe has placed some challenges on our way to by definition challenge us and make our soul grow as well. When you think about it, there is always something to learn from every challenge we face in life. We can be overwhelmed physically or mentally but never spiritually, but there is no challenge the soul cannot handle. Take difficulties in your life as a challenge and you will find the way to overcome this issue.

5- The Law of Attraction

Like attracts like, which means that you draw what you express. If you are negative, you will attract negative and if you express gratitude and love, you will get the same in return.

6- The Law of Divine Flow

By accessing our Higher Self (superconscious mind) we are channeling energy from the Source (God). Like this we can accelerate our spiritual growth. It explains miracles as well, It means that no one and everyone has power to heal, we just have access to it or we can “borrow” it from the universe.

7- The Law of Polarity

This means that everything on this plane has its own opposite, good / bad, up / down, love / fear, hot / cold, etc. Those are usually equal in composition but opposite in direction or degree. This is the dual aspect of our world.

8- The Law of Manifestation

This Law uses the power of our mind to create our world and what we desire. We create what we really desire so be careful what you desire. By saying all the time “I’m not lucky” for example, will make you unlucky. On the highway when you arrive at the toll how many of us say: “whatever the one I choose, it is always the slowest!” this is the good example for the law of manifestation. Being sarcastic will create your sarcasms…

9- The Law of Abundance

Our mind will create everything we ask for and abundance is part of it. Visualization techniques and hypnosis can help to attract abundance. Once again abundance is only limited by our imagination. It can be for business, money, fame, love, etc…

10- The Law of Correspondence

This means as above so below. Our body is the mirror of our Soul. When our Soul is unbalanced we develop what we call disease. Modern medicine treats the disease of the body and they do it pretty good now but they do not cure the origin of the disease which is most of the time on the Soul level or subconscious level. Each part of our body is linked to a Chakra and if this Chakra is not balanced, this is where the problem starts. Heart disease, Cancer, Chronic pain, name it and it has its source on the Chakra level, Soul level.

11- The Law of Present Moment

This law shows that the past, the present and the future are all at one in the present. It is only in our mind that we limit ourselves on a linear time concept. We live in a perpetual present moment. It is difficult to understand and assimilate due to our daily life based on time but there is no such thing as time. Time as we concept it is just a different position of the earth compare to the sun.

12- The Law of Cycles

The Law of Cycles shows that everything has a beginning and a end, day, life, universe, etc. The beauty of it is that it never stops, after the end there is a beginning again and again. It is the law of Cycles.

13- The Law of Reincarnation

The Law of Reincarnation is linked with the law of Cycle and the Law of Karma. For our Souls, it means that as long as we have lessons to learn on this Earth, we will reincarnate again and again. It can be what others call hell, if you do not learn your lessons and start again and again for eternity. When we have no longer lessons to learn and experiences to live, we stop the cycle of reincarnation and go to a spiritual level and get closer to the Source (God).

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