Power of the mind

It is a vast subject that will take years to understand and to master. Here we want to give you some tips about the amazing superpower of our own mind. As it is time of the “awakening” forgotten ancient knowledge and wisdom resurface to guide us.
Besides the fact that our brain can think, process information, learn new thing, etc. some other abilities more classified in “psychic abilities” are skills that we can learn as simple as 1+1=2. Everything has a technique and a method to learn it. It is true that some of us are “gifted” with abilities from birth but most of the time, it is possible to learn those abilities.

What kind of power can the mind have?


The issue is not what power the mind can have because in this field it is almost limitless, it is a very strong statement but it seems to be true, the mind has almost infinite power. So what is the problem? It is related to our belief system and our ignorance. If we want to achieve something, we have first to convince ourselves (about 37 trillion of cells) that it is possible for us to do it. It is a strange statement but it is true.
For example in Alchemy, the person who made the experience has an influence on the result of this experience. It means that if the Alchemist, in this case, believes or not in the experience, the result will be different. That why some of them spend years trying something without result and one day because they were able to change their belief system or they saw someone else doing it that allows them to succeed too.
In the Bible too, it is referred at least 2 times to the power of the brain when Jesus is walking on the water, some of the disciples are fishing on the lake and one of them seeing Jesus walking on water starts to do the same and walk from his boat to Jesus until a part of his body started to touch the water then he gets scared and fall into the water, it is the same concept. Believe and you will see.
Later on the Bible again, Jesus talks about moving mountain depending on the faith, same concept again.

It is one of the powers of our mind to manifest what we are thinking. For example, I am hungry, I am thinking of a good meal, and then I will go to a restaurant to get this good meal. I am able to manifest my thought of a good meal. It is a simple idea but you understand the concept. Be careful of what you focus on because “the energy flows where your attention goes (universal law)”. If you concentrate on negativity, you will manifest negativity. Try it for yourself and you will see.

Power of the Thought:
Did you know that your mind creates thoughts and those thoughts have an incredible power?
You should have a look at this experience from “Masaru Emoto in Japan”. This entrepreneur spent a lot of time to prove that our thoughts have incredible power and affects our surrounding. See his experience below:

Dr. Emoto experience on water

The Rice experience:
This experience will show you the power of your own thoughts:
- Cook some rice in a pan with water (not in rice cooker).
- Once the rice cooked, separate into 2 pots (like clean empty jam’s pot) that you can close.
- From now on, you will “give love” to 1 pot and deny or give hate to the 2nd pot.
- After 1 month or so, you will see a physical difference between love and hate.


In some schools and some department stores they tried the experience with green plants and give love to 1 and hate or bully the other one and see the results, all hated or bullied plants died!!

Rice experience on consciousness
plant experience on consciousness

Meditation / Hypnosis:
It is part of the power of our mind to enter into meditation or Hypnosis. You can have more information on our dedicated pages for Meditation and Hypnosis. There are lots of misunderstandings and misconceptions about meditation and hypnosis. They are both the same and both related to the power of the mind. If you have to separate them, it will be that meditation is something you can do on your won and hypnosis will be guided meditation.


Check out our page dedicated to hypnosis to discover the power of your mind.

Past Life

You can travel back through time time via hypnosis an past past life experience.


Take back the control of your own mind by practicing meditation on your own.


Breathing techniques can help to relax the mind and get back control on emotions.