Reiki Massage Introduction

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Reiki Energy can be received or given. It is a very simple and gentle way to release stress and treat yourself or others. 

Receiving Reiki Energy thought what we call a massage will bring you deep relaxation, read some information below and book a session to try this amazing technique. 

Giving Reiki Energy is another experience as you share this divine energy with someone which is totally in accord with the "Law of One". 
To learn this technique, click here or read further down below.


What is Reiki:

Reiki is a deep relaxing massage that has been practiced and developed in Japan over 100 years.

More than this, Reiki helps the body to heal and regenerate itself. Reiki practitioners are able to channel this “Life Force Energy” called “Ki” to help one to heal.

Simply by touching some important parts of the body known as meridians in Chinese Medicine, a Reiki practitioner will combine the Life Force Energy plus his warm hands to relax and provide a great feeling of comfort.

Benefits of Reiki:


  • Reiki relaxes your mood, pain, stress, anxiety and depression

  • Accelerates the healing process of wounds and injuries

  • Reiki detoxifies the body

  • Strengthens your immune system

  • Helps change negative behaviors

  • and much more (see below)


Reiki is NOT:

  • Reiki is not a religion, no need to change your belief system.

  • Reiki is not a cult, a sect nor a secret society.

  • Reiki is not a psychic healing nor a mind control method.


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Reiki Massage, Hypnok Center
If you want to know more about Reiki, this should interest you…

Reiki in detail…


In the beginning of 1900, after a long period for prayers and meditations, a Japanese named Dr. Usui received the ability to channel this energy and develop the technique Reiki”.
Reiki means, “Rei” the spiritual wisdom and “ki” is what Indian call “Prana” and Chinese call “Chi”, this Universal Life Force Energy that is everywhere and accessible from everyone. It means the wisdom of the Life Force and how to “master” it.


It is difficult to believe and conceive for some of us but it is here and it is real. Shoaling Monks are used to train for years to control this energy and be able to break walls and bricks. They will tell you that it is not a question of muscles power but it is about energy force.
Some Buddhist and Hindu Monks can stay months and even years without eating food and just feed themselves with this Ki, Prana, or Chi, Life Force Energy.


Those are just a few examples of the power of the “Ki”. The Japanese were used to channel this “Ki” Energy to others for the healing purpose. After a secret initiation or attunement, one can start to channel on his own and heal people around. Only with pure and unconditional love one can use and channel the “Ki” Energy, it is not possible another way



History of Reiki:


Reiki has been used for thousand years in Asia under other names before it got kind of lost and rediscovered again. Actually, it is an Asian method of healing but many other cultures and civilizations used this kind of energy for healing and other purposes.

It is well known that Jesus for example or some Shamans in Africa or America were able and still able to heal with this energy called “Ki” by Asians.
Regarding the “modern Reiki” it has been rediscovered by a Japanese monk named Mikao Usui. After a long meditation of 21 days on a top of a mountain, he experienced a powerful awakening and included the ability to channel this “Ki” energy to heal.
There are other similar stories like this one around Japan at the same time in the beginning of 1900. It means it was time for Reiki knowledge to come out again and be used to heal people.


Who can benefit Reiki energy:

Yourself, other adults, children, prenatal babies, animals, plants, birds, fish, trees, seeds, food, drinks, work, projects, contracts, documents, cars, house, protection, traveling, etc. the list is limitless, only limited by your imagination.

What are the benefits of a Reiki session?


  • Reiki brings deep relaxation

  • Reiki relieves pain

  • Reiki improves health

  • Reiki accelerates naturals healing

  • Reiki Helps focus when you are confused

  • Reiki detoxifies the body

  • Reiki dissolves energy blockages

  • Reiki can heal cancer

  • Reiki gradually cures chronic problems

  • Reiki reinforces immune system

  • Reiki Helps change negative behaviors

  • Reiki calms and reduces addictions

  • And many more

Reiki session


A Reiki session will take about 1h30. It is good to take some time at the beginning to understand what Reiki is and how you can benefit from it. It is a good moment to ask any particular question you can have.
The Reiki session will last for 1h, during this time you will be lying on a special Reiki bed and enjoy the session with your eyes closed. No pain or discomfort should be expected during the session or after the session. It is like taking a nap in a nice environment.
After the session, it is recommended to drink more water to continue the cleansing effect of the Reiki session.


Reiki has its own intelligence and knows exactly knows where to go and what to do. It is not necessary for the practitioner to direct the Reiki. In fact, Reiki has a mind on its own and cannot be directed by the practitioner.

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Reiki Center Thailand, Hypnok Center,
Reiki Hua Hin, Reiki Massage,

10 Things That Weaken the Life Giving Energy

10 things that weaken your energy, Reiki Thailand

Reiki powerful and gentle at one


Reiki is both very powerful and gentle at the same time, it can help healing virtually every known illness and injuries, including serious problems like:


  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

  • Heart disease and cancer

  • Skin problems

  • Cuts, bruises or broken bones

  • Headaches, colds and flu

  • Sore throat, sunburn

  • Fatigue and insomnia

  • Impotence, poor memory

  • Lack of confidence

  • And much more




The 5 Reiki Principles


The Reiki Principles have been developed by Dr. Usui during his long meditation. It appears that if you respect only 5 principles, you can forget about all other law and commandments given in the past history. These 5 principles will help you to live your life easier and happier as long as you respect them.


The concept “just for today” means a lot of things, first, it makes us focus on today because only today matters. Then it gives you a chance to make it again for tomorrow if you mess up with today. It is insane to say I will not be angry ever again in my life, you already know that you had failed but if it is just for today, then you can make it…


So here we are 5 Principles that can change your life if you welcome them in your life!


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Reiki Classes & Trainings


Who is William Lee Rand?

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Senior Reiki Master/Teacher, 

William is the originator of the Usui/Tibetan system of Reiki which he developed in 1989. In 1995, with the help of some of his students, he developed the Karuna Reiki® system of healing. And in January 2014, he introduced the Holy Fire system of Reiki. 

Between 1997 and 2004, he placed World Peace Crystal Grids at the North and South Pole and in Jerusalem. This system allows Reiki students all over the world to join together each month in sending Reiki to the peace grids to promote world peace.  Over 380,000 sets of the World Peace Grid cards have been downloaded for use in this mediation.

William received Reiki I in 1981, Reiki II in 1982, and became a Reiki Master in 1989. He has received the Reiki Master level of training from six Reiki Masters including three from Japan. He also received Reiki I&II training from Bethel Phaigh Sensei, one of Takata Sensei’s Masters and from Chiyoko Yamaguchi Sensei who is a Reiki Master or Shinpi-den who took classes from Hayashi Sensei.

In addition, William also has a strong background in metaphysics and has previously been a professional astrologer, hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist, rebirther, emotional release counselor and is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

William has dedicated his life to Reiki and has practiced and taught full time in classes around the world for the past 29 years. He encourages all Reiki practitioners to work together in harmony to bring peace to the earth.

William Lee Rand Reiki Master

Reiki Classes General information

We are certified Reiki Usui Master Teacher from William Lee Rand’s lineage
Our Center proposes different classes for you to learn this amazing healing technique.

You will quickly realize that Reiki Technique is not difficult to learn but it can take years to master so the practice is very important to gain enough confidence to continue on yourself. That’s why we spend much time practicing Reiki so our students are confident when they finish their training.

Reiki is giving you deep relaxation and wellbeing which will re-set your own self-healing powers.

Class requirements: 


There is no minimum student required to start a class we just limit the number per group to maximum 6 students to be able to be close to our students.


On your side, you need to be motivated to learn and open to new concepts that might be out of reach until now. It is not a religion and will fit all believe or faith. A Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or a Buddhist can become a Reiki practitioner.


There is no minimum or maximum age to learn Reiki.

All students who participate in our class will receive:

- Receive attunements in the presence of a certified Reiki Teacher
- Receive William Lee Rand’s combined 'four in one' Reiki attunements
- have your own recognizable lineage linking directly to Dr. Mikao Usui

- The teaching of powerful symbols according to the level taught.
- Official certificate
- Daily Reiki treatment
- A useful tool adapted to each level of teaching (crystals)

Languages: We teach in English, French or Thai.

Practice: We offer many practice opportunities, which are an important and integral part of our training and help you to build up your confidence.


Certificate: a certificate will be issued for every course at no extra charge.

Oral Tradition is the energetic transfer from the Teacher to the student through direct contact and the presence of the REIKI Master. We do not teach Reiki via the internet (which would technically be possible) because we believe that this direct hands-on transmission is important.
This energetic transfer happens through teaching the form of treatments, initiations, passing on the principles, telling the history, answering questions, and truly being with the students in the class. In this way, the Reiki Master communicates the essence and integrity of the System.

Reiki Classes from William Lee Rand are divided into 4 levels

Level 1-
Your body will be harmonized to welcome this Reiki healing energy. You will learn how to connect to this wonderful Reiki energy and become a Reiki practitioner, you will be able to treat yourself & others, humans, animals, plants and food. We will teach you one symbol to call on this Reiki energy and bring the power where it is needed.
You will get a crystal of your choice to help you in your healing process.

This course takes 2 & half days (3 nights for full board, “intern student”)

- Become a confident Reiki Practitioner Level 1
- have about 10 hours of clinical practice during 3 days of training
- You will be able to treat yourself and others confidently
- will receive at least 3 Reiki sessions during the training
- Get a crystal for personal healing


Level 2-
this level allows a more comprehensive use of Reiki to further the mental, emotional and spiritual healing processes of patients. Level 2 will allow you distant treatment.  You will learn how to focus, work and treat traumas, frustrations, and pains from present or past experiences. You will also be taught how to treat positive goals for your future well-being.
You will get a full set of Chakra crystals to help you heal yourself and others.

This course takes 2 & half days (3 nights for full board, “intern student”)

- Become a confident Reiki Practitioner Level 2
- have about 10 hours of clinical practice during 3 days of training
- You will be able to operate distant healing
- will receive at least 3 Reiki sessions during the training
- Get a Chakra set crystal for healing yourself and others

Note: Reiki 1 and 2 are can be taught together during an intensive 6 days training which includes several practice days to help you build up your confidence


Level 3- Advanced Reiki training 
(which is the first part of the Mastership training)
It is important to “master the first two levels to become a Master. Only time and many hours of practice will allow a deep understanding of this technique to become a master. Master class will reinforce your Reiki channeling and healing ability. You will learn special Reiki meditation to expand the mind and consciousness and advance technique to achieve goals. You will learn how to use crystals and how to make a grid. Aura cleansing is part of the process too.

This course takes 3 days (4 nights for full board, “intern student”)

- Become a confident Reiki Master Practitioner
- have about 12 hours of clinical practice during 3 days of training
- You will be able to use crystals mixing with the Reiki energy
- will receive at least 4 Reiki sessions during the training
- Get a powerful orgone generator to cleanse from negative energy


Level 4- Master-Teacher Reiki training 
Master-Teacher Level will give a complete understanding of the Reiki attunement process and allow you to attune others. Healing and cleansing techniques are part of this class too. A total of 6 powerful symbols will be used for attunement, healing and cleansing and more.


At Hypnok Reiki Center we propose for now Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3. We are working on our program for level 4, coming soon.

All our classes can be followed as “half board” or “full board”

  • Half board or “extern student” includes

    * Daily class from 9 am to 4 pm
    * Vegetarian Lunch + Drink


  • Full board or “intern student” includes

        *Accommodation in  one of our twin room at the Center

        * Daily class from 9 am to 4 pm

        *Detox juice, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drink
        *Morning yoga and evening meditation.

The Center
It is a nice Thai style house located 50 meters from the beach. It is the place where we welcome people for treatments and session. A room is available with twin size beds to share, with bathroom. The house has a sun deck and terrace outside to enjoy your free time.

Tuition fees contribute substantially to our charity activities and are based on a minimum donation. They include the training manuals, certificates, refreshments and lunches.
Reiki training fees are based on a minimum donation. We want to keep the cost low to encourage participants but these donations also contribute substantially to our charity activities...


Summary of Reiki Training Classes

  • Reiki 1 = 2.5 days training (3 nights for those staying full board)

  • Reiki 2 = 2.5 days training (3 nights for those staying full board)

  • Reiki 1 & 2 = 6 days training (3 nights for those staying full board)

  • Reiki-3 = 3 training (4 nights for those staying full board)

  • Reiki-4 = coming soon

Available sessions:

Level 1:
Every week starting from Monday at 9 am or Sunday afternoon for full board student.

Level 2:
Every week starting from Monday at 9 am or Sunday afternoon for full board student.

Level 1&2:

Every 15 days starting the first Monday of the month at 9 am or Sunday afternoon for full board student.

Level 3:
Contact us for available session.


Contact us for more information or book your class