Special Kids

Did you ever have the feeling that there is something extraordinary about your child, but you can’t really explain it?

There is a "new" generation of kids that are very special. They are called different names like "star child", "rainbow child", "indigo child", and more, but it is about different names for the same thing. Indeed, more and more children are born with what we would call "special abilities". Maybe you noticed that your child is "acting weird" sometimes or can see things, people that you cannot see yourself.  These "abilities" can express themselves in different ways called"psychic abilities", and the list is pretty long from telepathy to levitation, including astral projection and mediumship. 

In this field, we are absolutely not equal to each other. It is like how come your sister or brother is "naturally" good at drawing but you can't do it, or you can sing but your siblings can't. We have different psychic abilities and some of us are really activated while others barely feel something. 

What is it like?

As mentioned above there are probably as many abilities as there are children on earth and it will show and develop depending on many factors. But let say there are some "best sellers" and recurrent abilities like seeing spirits or ghosts, extra empathy, telepathy, seeing blindfolded, talk to animals or spirits, manipulate elements, etc. 
If you remove the "Holywood" side of the movies, some of them get it pretty well like the "X-Men" or Marvel "superhero". 

And exactly like the "Charles-Xavier special school" there are special schools around the world to develop the special abilities of your kids. 

Evolution with age:
Year 1 to 5: Ability usually not noticeable
Year 6 to 12: Ability showing up but usually unconsciously 
year 13 to 16: Ability will get stronger or quiet if not supported
year 17 and more: Full ability and can be controlled consciously 

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The counterpart 

As much as it is amazing to have such ability (whatever the ability), it has some counterpart that affects the child. As the child feels different from others, the child might isolate him/herself or feel terribly lonely. Sometimes even "bullied" by other children due to their ability and treated as "weirdo" or other bird's names. First, because kids are mean to each other and will find anything to use against others. Secondly because like us they cannot see or feel and they do not understand too. 

It depends on the point of view

A Greek philosopher said: "for the blind the one-eyed is king". In this situation, we are the blind ones, we are the one who cannot see, feel, etc. we are the one with issues, not them!

Those kids, your kid maybe are just amazing and it is our job, your job as a parent to nourish and develop those abilities. Because if you do not, it will disappear about puberty or create a real traumatism for the growing adult. 

Quick story:
We meet a 30 years old woman a few years ago. She was very disturbed by spirits she could see sometimes. We realized that her family did not support at all her ability when she was young, told her it was "not normal" and if she could see it was only bad or lost spirits. So each time someone showed up, she kind of freaked out and enter into fear. It was a nightmare for her. 
So family supports is key to develop abilities!!! 

What should we do about this ? 

You have to support your child or your own ability. There are more and more schools available around the world to help children and adults to develop and control their abilities.

At Hypnok, we propose different solutions to support and develop yourself or your kid's abilities. 

Do you want to know more?

You know how people like to tag and categorize everything, it is the same for special children and their abilities. most of us get our abilities for a particular reason, a purpose. Some of us are here to heal or help others and some of us are here for deeper reasons. 

It seems like there are only 2 ways we are here today. Either we are the results of reincarnation and karma which means we are on earth for a while already, or the second way is to come from other places (other planets, realms, or dimensions).

There is a deeper meaning for those special children which is related to "human ascension".
The rising of human consciousness has to be made in steps to guarantee success. So for a while now, different waves of "special people" with special purposes arrived on earth 
to be part of the human ascension and they are called "Star Children".

It seems like there are 3 kinds of Star Children:

- The Indigo Children, were the first Star Children to come to Earth. Their mission is mostly to raise the vibration, so just by being near people, they raised their vibration. They began the transition from our outdated way of thinking. It could be a famous person that will gaser many people around him/her or a homeless sitting at a busy street and raise the energy of people just passing by. 


- The Crystal Children, came after the Indigo’s. Their mission is to build the foundation for a new society in which we will (eventually) all live in peace and goodwill.


- The Rainbow Children, are the new and latest generation of Star Children and were born in 2000's. These kids will pick up where the Crystal Children left off. They will help us remember our Higher selves and reconnection with the spiritual realm. They will be great teachers about unconditional love and it will trigger the human ascension.