"La Trame"

Vibrational Healing

La Trame” is a vibrational healing therapy that has been rediscovered by a French physicist named Patrick Burensteinas. In the 90’s, this specialist in quantum physics made a bridge between western medicine and traditional oriental medicine. He realized that the treatment of the symptoms were usually not enough to treat the sickness or disease. Indeed as per traditional Chinese medicine, the objective is to treat the emotional blockage responsible of most diseases in the body.

Trame vibrational healing uses ancient alchemy and the universal quantum grid to harmonize and remove all blockages in the natural flow of energy in the body. In fact, we have everything we need inside our body to be healthy on our own. Usually those blockages come from our daily with stress, physical injuries, unsolved emotions, limited belief system.


Trame vibrational healing is really effective therapy to help you heal or attain a new level of well being and health. Trame can be used on its own as it is a complete treatment but can be very effective too as complementary treatment to heal recover faster for example. It works on many levels to cover all aspects of the physical, emotional and mental body. It balances the Chakras, clarify the thoughts and bring stability, life becomes more joyful and easy on many levels.

Practice of Trame Vibrational Healing

Trame Vibrational Healing is practiced by massaging very gently 16 precise points on the body that will help to restructure the energy grid of the patient to its original state. It is like you “reboot your computer” to a previous point where no viruses where in the system, no data are lost of course in the process.
Physical it is like shacking a carpet to get rid of dirt, dust or even stones that can block the circulation of the information. Don’t worry, we will not shake you like a carpet but by light touch and gentle massage, the result is the same on the body.
The patient will lie on a massage table with comfortable clothes for about 45 min. During this time the patient can feel some heat, cold, twitching, tingling, floating impression or numbness, sometime nothing at all is felt or deep sleep. In any case Trame vibrational healing will powerfully clear out emotions and blockages stored in the body. It will re-align the vibrational grid or framework of the patient.

After the Session

Changes start to occur once the session is complete and sometime up to 40 days afterwards. Some patient experience Detox symptoms for 24 to 48h, it is the blockages and emotions that are coming out. You might feel you are losing your balance or feel heavy afterward as the different bodies restructure themselves to origin.  
It is recommended to receive another Trame Session at least 3 weeks have passed to allow your body to accept and work with the changes and not more than 45 days not to lose the right frequency.

It is not necessary to have a long treatment with multiple sessions, only 2 or 3 will be enough for you to feel great changes, improvement in your health or reach your treatment goals.