Yoga, Meditation, Detox Retreats

We propose Yoga, Meditation and Detox retreats where ones can come and relax for few days, practice meditation, yoga or benefit from hypnosis. Some classes with teachings will be proposed for better understanding of our body, the universe and our reality. A place where you can benefit from Reiki, Hypnosis and heal yourself, conquer stress, anxiety, diseases or get rid of smoking, alcohol or losing weight.




Come and join Hypnok Retreat Center in this yoga retreat for beginners. You can relax and recharge yourself. Located in at Kao Tao Village, 14 kilometres south of Hua Hin, this area has a long beautiful beach of the same name. This retreat is a perfect place for a short or long break. Come and discover many disciplines like yoga, meditation, Past-Life, Reiki, crystal healing, chakras or light therapy, massages, and many more. Enjoy some time for you and visit Temples around, walking on the beach, cycling, visit Hua Hin main attractions, etc.



- The amazing view that offers Khao Tao Beach

- Discover Thai culture away from tourist destinations

- Visit some very interesting Temples we have around

- Detoxifying morning drinks with sunrise

- Morning & afternoon Yoga Class

- Daily meditation sessions

- Breakfasts & fruit dinner included

- Massage, Reiki, Light or Chakra therapy are available (with extra Charge)

- A chance to explore Hua Hin and around

- Chill out on the beach or discover around with hill hiking

Yoga Activities


Check with our partner for prices and dates available!!


Food Proposed


Detox morning juice:

composed of fresh fruits that will help to clean the digestive system and prepare the stomach for breakfast.
Usually made of Apple, Cucumber, Parsley / Celery, Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger.


Breakfast at the Center:
We propose a healthy good breakfast buffet to fulfill and start your day:
Infusions will be served with a choice of fruits, cereals, yogurts, eggs, bread, and jams.


Lunch at the Center:
We propose a vegetarian lunch at the Center, usually made of traditional Thai food.
As we are near the sea and the fisherman is a friend, sometime we propose good seafood too prepared with love.
Vegetable in coconut milk, fried vegetables, soup, noodles, etc.


Fruit Dinner
It is not recommended to have heavy dinner before sleep. Actually, it is advised not to eat before sleep but we know some of you can become like beasts if you don't have food at night so we propose a nice fruit platter and evening infusion to fill your stomach before night meditation.
Pineapple, Mango, Mangoustine, Passion fruit, Peach-Apple, Longan and many more depending on seasons.


We propose different solutions to fit different needs and budgets.


The Center
It is a nice Thai style house located 50 meters from the beach. It is the place where we welcome people for treatments and session. This is the place for most activities such as dining teaching, some meditations or Yoga. 2 rooms are available with twin size bed and bathroom to share. The house has a sun deck and terrace outside to enjoy your free time.


The Resort
This 3 stars Resort is absolutely wonderful, located 50 meters away from the Center in a tropical garden in front of the beach, this resort will transport you to another world full of wonders. There is a pool and a restaurant available for you. The rooms have everything you can expect from a 3 stars hotel, queen size bed, bathroom, private balcony, air-conditioned, working and dressing table, 21″ TV/satellite and UBCTV, Living room with minibar and hot/cold drinks, etc.



This retreat will take place in the Hypnok Retreat Center in Khao Tao Beach near Hu Hin, Thailand. The center is located 15km away south from Hua Hin on the wonderful beach of Khao Tao which is not the same as Kao Tao famous Island near Kao Samui. The kind of Thailand fell in love with this place and built his “Summer Residence” so it is very well protected and not damaged by big hotels and condominium around. The village kept its authenticity and quietness, due to the King palace nearby, it is very safe place and well maintained.

The Center itself is located in a residential area very near from the beach. We have a nice Thai style house with a terrace and sun deck on the roof. We propose different rooms in a guesthouse or resort nearby to fit your budget, overall, it is a very nice place to enjoy, relax, and practice yoga.

How to get there

The Center is located about 15km South of Hua Hin city, there are different ways to get to the Center.


By Van,
Vans are the most convenient way to move around in Thailand. it is pretty cheap and the van can drop you very near our Center.
You can take a van from Bangkok (@ Mo Chit van section or Ekamai Van station) or international Airport. Take the direction “HuaHin Khao Tao” and stop at “Baan Khao Tao” at the village entrance.
We can come to pick you up at the Van Station free of charge. Call us when you are there. Most of the Van can drop you directly at our center and will cost you a nice smile to the driver.

Check price and time


By Bus
There are buses that go to Hua Hin about every hour from Airports and Bangkok (@ Mo Chit bus station) and you do not need to book before, just go. You can get that information directly at the airport or the hotel’s concierge will be able to guide you too. You can consider about 300Thb for the trip to Hua Hin Bus Station. From there you can take a taxi to our center in Khao Tao and should cost about 400Thb. It takes about 3 hours by Bus and another 40min to reach the Center
We can come to pick you up at the Bus Station if you prefer and will cost 200Thb per person with a minimum of 2 people.

Check price and time


By Train
The railway in Thailand is pretty old but well developed. It is an adventure on its own as you really mix with locals and it is pretty safe too. The price is cheap from Bangkok Hua lamphong train station to Hua Hin city center. From there you can take a taxi to our center in Khao Tao and should cost about 300Thb. It takes about 3h30 by Train and another 30min to reach the Center
We can come to pick you up at the Bus Station if you prefer and will cost 200Thb per person with a minimum of 2 people.

Check price and time


By Taxi from Bangkok
Some taxi will be happy to bring you our Center directly from the airport or your hotel. Depending on your location, you can consider about 1,500Thb to 2,000Thb  for the transfer. Be careful some taxis are scam and will ask you much more than that, You can GrabTaxi (Uber-like) it is very convenient and safe. It should take about 3 hours to reach the Center.

Check price and availability


With your own car or car rent
The Center is located in the south of Hua Hin about 200Km from Bangkok. It is recommended to stay on the highway, pass Hua Hin and turn left to the direction of Khao Tao. This way avoids the crossing of Hua Hin and eventual traffic. You can count about 200km and 3H from Bangkok.
GPS Location: 12.457978, 99.977713

Things to do


There's a number of activities that you can do during your free time, such as visiting local temples or just enjoy the beach. The Hypnok Retreat Center can also help you to arrange a series of activities and excursions free or with additional costs depending on activity. You can visit Hua Hin City nearby have an adventure in famous caves not too far. There is a night market every day with many handmade products. If you feel like staying home, you enjoy some spa treatments, the following options are also available:


At the Center
- Bio Energy check-up 3h, 
- Body type check and advises 60min
- Reiki therapy 45min
- Light or Chakra therapy 60min
- Crystal healing session 60min
- Past life regression session 90min

Visit Temples & Feed Monkeys
Wat Tham Khao Tao, is the closed temple from the Center, just a few minutes by walk. You will enjoy this interesting Temple on the top of a rock, there is a beautiful giant golden siting Buddha with a view of the whole bay. You can adventure yourself in the cave located under the temple on the mountain. You can visit the very small fisherman village just nearby, it seems to be out of time.

Wat Khao Tao is very famous Temple and walking distance from the Center. Accessible by the beach or the road, this temple is very active with regular local events like farmer market, Buddha festivals, Meditation center, etc.

3- Wat Khao Takiap, is famous for its monkeys kind of ruling the place. The Temple is located on the other side of the bay compared to the center. A taxi will bring you there or a long walk on the beach followed by a strong climb will bring you there. You can feed the monkeys which is fun to do ones. The view on the top is absolutely amazing, peaceful place to be.

Artisan & local markets
Cicada Market is a weekend night art & handcraft market. Located about 10km from the Center, this market will feed your eyes and empty your wallets. Many beautiful locals craft and artists join together for our own pleasure. There is usually some Jazz Bands that put some nice atmosphere around. There is a huge street food market available too.


Hua Hin Night Market is an older market located couples of km away from Cicada market. This market is more like a tourist market with products coming from all Thailand around. You will find some pocket Tuk Tuk you can bring as a souvenir.


Huahin Artist Village is a community of artist that join together to perform their art. Located about 20km from our Center, this place will bring out of time with many different artists that paint, sculpt and play with materials. As usual, art is expensive but sometimes it worth it, we let you judge of this.

Biking & walking

Walking is a good idea to relax and visit around. The Center is located at the beginning of this 5km beautiful beach. It is very quiet and you can find yourself totally alone on this bay. Don’t panic, just enjoy this moment just for you J.
There is a lake just behind the Center which is part of a Royal project. A running way was made all around the lake to run or walk the 2.5km around. It is majestic a sunset.


Biking is another idea if you like to bike of course. Hua Hin is pretty flat and easy to bike or can be demanding if you adventure yourself on cliffs and mounts around. You can rent a bike at the Center or the Resort too.


Motorbike is available to rent if you like to cover more distance than with a bike. It is a nice way to visit around and allow to be on your own too. Just remember safety first and wear a helmet all the time on the bike. It is very tempting to ride hair in the air but Thai people are driving fast and not so well.

Know before you go

-Check in from 3 pm.
-Check out from the hotel at 10 am.
-Check out from the Center at 1pm
-Group size Maximum 10 persons.

-Seasonal information:

Thailand is a tropical country. It is mostly humid but still has dry and rainy seasons. The temperature oscillates from around 25 to 35 degrees Celsius around Hua Hin region where the Hypnok Retreat Center is located, with most days being sunny and warm. The high season with nicer weather will start from October to April while the low season will be from June to September.
The monsoon season is not raining all day long. You can expect mostly sunny days interspersed with spectacular rainstorms that usually last for five to 15 minutes. It never gets cold so there is no need for heavy clothing.


-What to bring
You are advised to bring a swimsuit, sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses, toiletries, alarm clock, insect repellent (which can also be bought locally), light tropical clothing, comfortable yoga clothes, and sandals. It is best to travel as light as you can, and just buy inexpensive clothes in shops everywhere in Thailand.


-Extension options
You are very welcome to extend your stay at the Hypnok Retreat Center if you wish to deepen your retreat. If you want a tailor-made program for you, just contact the center as well.


-Passport / visa
Generally, a foreign citizen who wishes to enter the Kingdom of Thailand by air is granted a 30-day tourist visa on arrival. Tourists arriving via land borders are granted a 15-day visa on arrival.


-Additional information.
For more information, ask your questions directly to Hypnok Retreat Center, who will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Send Inquiry button to send a message.

Contact us for more information or check our partner website for retreat and date available. 


New !!!
Online Yoga Class

You can practice Yoga from the comfort of your home, no need to go our with our online class.